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Manidhi Vedam
Ayurveda for Women and Children

Ayurveda is a way of life, it is not a particular system of medicine to be taken as prescription, it can be adopted as our life style so that ayurveda becomes the part and parcel of our life

Speciality Consultation

By senior chief ayurvedic physician
Dr. P. Hemasubhashini


Nityam-dinacharya & ritucharya Customized daily practises according to ayurveda for healthy mind


Beauty and skin care consultation by an expert team of ayurvedic cosmetologists.


Solutions provided by a team of well renowned female ayurvedic psychotherapists

Still delaying in your health concerns?

About Manidhi

Manidhi vedam-first ever girls and women children speciality care for ayurveda.

Special features-team of dedicated female expertise team

One to one consultation through a safe and secure online platform

Reassurance and self-motivation programs

Preventive care for women and girl children

Healthy regimen facts regarding women health

Easy recipes for maintaining women and child care

Find frequently asked questions and Important information about us

Ayurveda is a scientific system

Of course, Ayurveda is fast and it depends on the severity of the disease.

Ayurveda emphasis on diet and lifestyle modification corresponding to the disease, not with the medicine.

Yes, it is completely safe & effective for both.
Definitely not if proper diet and lifestyle change are made of course an individual can be medicine free with certain ailments.
Definitely, it is more effective to channelize your hormones ®ulate periods in women of all ages.

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