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Nityam - Daily Practise Routine
Dinacharya & Ritucharya
Customized daily practices according to Ayurveda for a healthy mind

Ritu Chakra (cycle of menses)





Premenstrual practices for pre-puberty

Prevent early puberty in girls

Customized healthy menstrual practices as per Ayurveda

An expert ayurvedic physician address your needs on consultation

Garbha Shishu Samskara

Pre conceptional care-specific practices according to Prakriti before conception for healthy implantation of the foetus.

Antenatal care-brief recipes of diet and lifestyle practice from 3rd month to 9th month of conception for pregnant women.

Postnatal care-scientific brief routine practices including specific diet and lifestyle changes for both the mother and baby, it also includes special consultation with the Ayurveda lactation consultant.

Overcoming the silent fear PCOS diet & lifestyle

Customized diet & lifestyle changes for adolescent girls

Customized medicine according to Prakruthi

Time tested solutions for reversal of PCOS

Menopause not a pause

Mood swings

Hot flushes

Weight gain

Vaginal dryness

Sleep issue

Prevent early menopause

Specific constitutional consultation given for the above challenges during menopause by a renowned Ayurveda female physician.