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for women and children

Ayurveda is a way of life, it is not a particular system of medicine to be taken as prescribed, it can be adopted as our lifestyle so that Ayurveda becomes the part and parcel of our life.

Ayurveda has eight branches one among those branches describes the treatment of women related problems and their treatment, it also includes a healthy lifestyle especially for women of all ages and the child-related healthy and health-related issues are discussed.

To summarize Ayurveda is the only system of medicine that provides a solution to mankind on how to remain healthy, how to increase longevity, how to produce healthy progeny on the same had it provides a solution for all health-related problems, so Ayurveda is more preventive and curative medicine.

Manidhi-is women, the ways of healthy habits for women from the childhood to the women in menopausal and old age and even the health-related issues are formulated according to each one’s need, we present mandhivedam as a whole entity to serve women and children of all ages The uniqueness-a body’s wellness should have a perfect balance between body and mind, so we not only provide solutions to bodily illness we also provide solutions to mental illness and mental health support which is the need of the hour.

Add on to uniqueness -a extra feather to the cap we also have integrated service for diabetic and the management of its complications with a well renowned diabetologist-his advice and the ayurvedic medicines both gives u a well balanced and to fight the body against long term illness and diabetic lifestyle.

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Dr. Hema Subhashini


She is a third-generation doctor in the field of medicine


Has a vast experience of 14 years of authentic Ayurveda practise


Has been trained in child and adolescent mental health


Gold medalist & best outgoing student in B.A.M.S in the year 2005


Working as a chief consultant Dr V.P diabetes research center for the past 16 years.


Completed diploma in child psychology certified by Niti aayog - Government of India


Successfully operating JEEVADHARA & MANIDHIVEDAM clinics in Chennai & Coimbatore since 11 years


Had finished a certificate course in Ayurveda gynecology conducted by Amai vanitha committee Kerala in the year 2015,2019


Had special training in nimhans for certified life skill trainer for adolescents


Has successfully treated more than 5000 patients especially women and children.


Speciality ayurvedic online consultation for women and children by expertise renowned physician Dr. P. Hema subashini

Diet lifestyle consultation-dinacharya & ritucharya

Expert team for physiotherapy & yoga consultation

Mental health and counselling services for women and girls

Speciality diabetic consultation by a renowned senior diabetologist

Beauty & skincare consultation by an expert team of ayurvedic cosmetologists

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