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Trayoupastambah ithi ahara,nidra,bhramacharyam ithi-charaka samhitha

Sleep is one among the three pillars of life. Sleep is one of the most important
Factor responsible for maintenance of health.
With work and study schedules going awry and anxiety on the rise, those between 24-45 years of age have sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders include
1. Absolute lack of sleep
2. Excessive sleep during day
3. Waking up in the middle of the night and keeping awake

Sleep is a natural phenomenon occurring to all the living beings on earth, Due to unforeseen causes in the environment there is a drastic increase of trauma and related sleep disorders.

AYURVEDA is one such science which gives utmost importance to sleep and its benefits.
Lots of natural sleep strategies have been discussed in this indian wisdom,wherein many of us still feel skeptical to embrace ayurveda.

Image credits-Janati school of yoga

Image credits-Janati school of yoga

Sleep is naturally induced by a hormone called MELATONIN. It is naturally generated by the
BIO-CIRCADIAN RHYTHM. The ayurvedic understanding of body clock gives us beautiful
Instructions on how to spend our day. By regulating the body clock and by following a daily regimen called DINACHARYA,we can make our melatonin secrete naturally.

A Dutch study of a nationally representative sample of individuals in the age group of 18–70 years based on a validated questionnaire of ICSD revealed that, among the total sample, 32% complained of experiencing general sleep disturbances while 43.2% said they suffered from insufficient sleep. A study conducted in Norway among 1285 high school students (aged 16–19 years) showed an estimated 10.4% prevalence of behaviourally induced insufficient sleep syndrome. In a recent survey, an estimated 83.6 million adults in the United States were reportedly sleeping <7h in 24h.

IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP- Happiness and misery ,nourishment and emaciation,strength and weakness,fertility and infertility,knowledge and ignorance,life and death depend upon sleep.Excessive sleep or sleep deprivation ultimately takes away both happiness and longevity from the person.Similarly proper sleep brings about happiness and longevity in human beings just as real knowledge brings about spiritual power in yogis.


1. Maintain bio circadian rhythm – wake up and sleep at the stipulated time,plan your routine
Daily,especially parents with young children and special kids need to be more aware and it is the foremost tip to be followed along with your kids as a family.

Image credits - shutterstock.com

2. Limit screen time two hours before bed-usually evah one of us during the lockdown or being at home spend most of the time on screen whether it may be mobile, laptop, desktop, binge watching movies and series, this has become unavoidable.
Limiting the screen timing before two hours to bed makes our brain realise that it’s time to sleep and the light in the screen keeps us awake, keeping our brain afresh.

3. Avoid.excessive caffeine during the day and night-Inside the brain, caffeine blocks adenosine receptors.

4. Create a sleep environment in your bedroom – avoid using your bed for work, exercise, eating, instead use your bedroom for sleep and sex, have a dark light, Optimum comfortable temperature, cozy linens, mood elevating essential oils.

5. Finish exercise three hours before bed – allow your body to respond and prepare for a good night’s relaxed sleep.

6. Avoid news and events which would increase your anxiety.

7. Intake of turmeric infused warm milk helps you to tranquil for a good night’s sleep.

8. Have early light warm dinner preferable after a hot shower.

Summarising all of the above MINDFULNESS OF THE SITUATION helps oneself for a perfect cozy sleep.

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